Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation Requires Containment

Our crews were called out to clean up after a water damage but when they started removing the drywall they found mold. With mold present in the home we had to s... READ MORE

Vacation Home Water Leak Causes Big Mold Problem

This client had a water loss occur in their seasonal home. While the home was temporarily empty, a pipe break had occurred in the wall cavity, affecting several... READ MORE

What To Do About Mold

No matter whether it is a home or business, every structure is going to have some mold without fail. It can be found in areas that are dark and moist because th... READ MORE

A whole house of mold.

This house was a vacation home for a family for many years. It was used less and less as the family aged and had different interests. It sat through several wi... READ MORE

5 Layers of floor with carpet in the MIDDLE!?!?

Yes! This customer called complaining that the floor was really mushy in the bathroom, hallway, and kitchen. Our crew arrived on site within an hour and began t... READ MORE

Indoor Spa Creates A Room Full of Mold

This property is used as a rental and had not been accessed for awhile. When the owner came on site we received a call immediately. The spa in the game room ha... READ MORE