Recent Before & After Photos

Heavy Rain Storms and Leaky Roofs Do Not Mix

This beautiful home had a poor roof and when a heavy duty rain storm hit the area the kitchen was turned into a disaster zone.The whole ceiling was removed alon... READ MORE

Fires causes a mess everywhere!

Smoke and soot facts:Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure.Smoke flows around plumbing systems, seeping through the holes used by p... READ MORE

Sometimes it is just a small fire!

We do not always have jobs to clean up that are huge house losses. Sometimes there is just a small fire like here where the window air conditioner was on f... READ MORE

Winter Storm Damage

This winter storm caused tree to fall through a roof.Large Winter storms can cause severe damage to your home. In this case a homeowner had a tree fall directly... READ MORE

Lightning Strike Causes Significant Damage

This board up was done following a lightening strike in the middle of the night that hit the side of the house and blew up the propane regulator.  The flam... READ MORE

What To Do About Mold

No matter whether it is a home or business, every structure is going to have some mold without fail. It can be found in areas that are dark and moist because th... READ MORE

Storm Damage Devastates Roof

This house was effected by a strong spring storm with lots of wind.  The shingles were ripped from the roof.  They called SERVPRO and Employees were o... READ MORE

Contents Cleaning

This home suffered a severe fire damage which started in the basement accidentally. Our crews responded to assist in the content restoration for the items that ... READ MORE

Fire And Smoke Detectors Malfunction

When any kind of equipment fails it can cause problems. The dust on the carpeting of this corridor in a hotel was the result of a false fire alarm.The fire supp... READ MORE

Hot Water Heater Leak Damage

Commercial Hot Water LeakA business called us in a panic recently because a hot water pipe had burst inside of their kitchenette wall.  Hot water can ... READ MORE