Recent Before & After Photos

A complete kitchen tear out.

Wow, there was a lot of water sitting in this kitchen.  A pipe burst in a wall and drenched the whole kitchen.  You can see the reflection of the uppe... READ MORE

A whole house of mold.

This house was a vacation home for a family for many years.  It was used less and less as the family aged and had different interests. It sat through ... READ MORE

5 Layers of floor with carpet in the MIDDLE!?!?

Yes! This customer called complaining that the floor was really mushy in the bathroom, hallway, and kitchen.Our crew arrived on site within an hour an... READ MORE

Beautiful Inn had a ceiling pipe break!

This was a really sad situation.  A beautiful historic inn in our area had a pipe burst in the ceiling above the second floor and when the loss was discove... READ MORE

Water Fountain Ran All Night...

But SERVPRO Big Bear had the store drying out and open to business the next morning.It is hard to see a big difference in these photos but there was a significa... READ MORE

The Worst Job Yet - Septic Tank Overflow

You would never know it to look at this room, but this was the scene of a septic tank backup. The whole downstairs area was covered with the bio waste. The... READ MORE

Small Water Remediation Project

This was a relatively small job and typical of many that we handle.  The washing machine overflowed. When we arrived on site the owners has already moved t... READ MORE

The Use of Containment

Here are pictures from a water damage that happened in a very fancy home. A pipe broke in the bathroom upstairs and caused water damage to the ceiling the ... READ MORE

Severe Water Damage from COLD Weather

This is a vacation home for the owner.While he was not here a pipe broke on the main level due to freezing temperatures.  The water must have run for days.... READ MORE

Water Soaked Carpet Can Delaminate

So many times when we go out on a water damage situation we are asked if we can please save the carpet.  This is always our goal at SERVPRO. It is less wor... READ MORE