Water Damage Photo Gallery

Drying equipment on floor in kitchen.

Responding to a Mold Damage Event Following a Water Leak

A mold infestation broke out in this Big Bear home following a water leak in the kitchen. Water damage events occur very frequently in kitchens and our crew has worked on countless water mitigation and restoration jobs involving kitchen water damage.

We Have Worked on Countless Kitchen Water Cleanup Jobs

It might be a pipe that bursts, a supply line to your fridge that is faulty, or a dishwasher leak that leads to your water damage event. No matter the case, our SERVPRO of Big Bear team can take care of all your cleanup and restoration needs.

Partially removed dry wall.

Moisture Migrated Underneath Flooring and Up The Wall

A small water leak in the kitchen of this Big Bear home damaged the flooring beyond repair. The moisture from the leak had also migrated up parts of the drywall in the room. We removed the affected drywall and flooring before we began drying out the property.

Partially demoed flooring.

When Water Absorbs Into Materials in Your Home, It Can Cause A Ton of Destruction

When a water damage event occurs on your property, the water can be absorbed into various materials in your home and leave behind a ton of damage. When our crew arrives at your home after a loss, we remove any materials that cannot be repaired and we will then re-install new flooring or drywall to the affected areas.

Hand holding moisture meter.

Moisture Measuring Devices

After a water damage event in your home or business in Rancho Cucamonga, you might notice that our team uses these moisture measuring devices to locate any moisture absorbed in your walls, migrating under your floors, or present in your ceilings.

Water leak under sink.

Water Leak Under Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink water leaks are very common in the Fawnskin, CA area. Though they are very common, it doesn't mean they can't do a ton of damage. If the water damage is not properly taken care of in a timely manner, it can result in even further damage, such as a full-blown mold infestation.

Air movers on floor.

Water Cleanup Experts in the Big Bear Lake Area

When it comes to water damage cleanup and restoration in the Big Bear Lake area, you can count on our SERVPRO of Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead/NE Rancho Cucamonga team to take care of your home or business!

Debris From a Water Loss

We are required to show the debris that we have removed from a job as way for the insurance adjusters to see that we really did do what we said we did. I think  this is a really great requirement and it assures you, the home owner, that you are being served by a very professional company.

Equipment Drying A Wet Hallway

This photo shows Airmovers and a Dehumidifier working to dry a very wet hallway.

Very typical of many of the situations we are called to remediate, the toilet line broke and sent water all over the bathroom, hallway, kitchen, and living room. We were on site within 30 minutes and began the dry out right away.

Oops - forgot to close the door tightly!

This poor lady!  She was using her walk in tub for a lovely bath but because she did not pull the access door completely tight it leaked while she was bathing.  

Her bath ended up costing over $2500 to clean up.

Walk in tubs are becoming very popular.  Be sure you whole family understands exactly how to close the door.

If there is an accident and you have water where it should not be please call us ASAP so that the loss can be lessened by quick remediation.

Manufactured Homes have special needs when there is a water loss.

Here is a loss that was a long time coming.

The line for the ice maker was leaking for a long time and caused significant damage.

In a manufactured home the sub-floor typically sits on a metal frame and is about 18" or more off the ground. In this situation the water leak ruined two layers of floor (tile and vinyl) and then completely rotted the sub-floor. The ground under this area was also saturated.

Remediation included the removal of all the wet materials and the use of air movers and dehumidifiers to dry up the home.

No matter where you home is, if you have an ice maker check it regularly for leaking.

Water Under Your House?

Yes, especially in the mountains, water can get under your house and cause trouble.  

In this case there was a leak in the kitchen and water went down through the floor, but it can and does seep in through cracks in the foundation.  

SERPVPRO Big Bear can come into your 'build up' area and remove the wet dirt, dry out your floor joints, and sub-floor from underneath. 

This is very important to keep bacterial growth from developing.

Don't Allow This To Happen To You!

This is what happens when mountain home owners and renters forget to turn off the water to their homes when they are going to be away!  Please remember to shut off water and drain pipes during the winter.