Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Caused A Tree To Fall On A Roof Of A Home.

SERVPRO of Big Bear / Lake Arrowhead / NE Rancho Cucamonga was called to remove this fallen tree from their roof after a storm blew it down. We were able to safely and quickly remove it so no further damage was done to the property.

Broken Tiles on a Roof

Many times in wind storms roofing tiles can get damaged. It is important to get the roof tarped as soon as possible to prevent further damage.  Tarping a tile roof can be tricky.

Call SERVPRO of Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead/NE Rancho Cucamonga. We will be there quickly and we know the proper way to take care of this problem.


Storm Damage to Roofs

A check-list of what to look at when dealing with a roof leak:

  • Find where the leak is on the ceiling of the room below. That will lead you to a puddle or soaked insulation in the attic.
  • Look for water stains, drip marks, etc. on the rafters above the wet insulation.
  • Trace the water up the rafter. It should point right at the leak in the roof.
  • Check chimneys where they cut through the roof. Mark the area at the highest point where you see the leak start. This is invaluable for whomever has to fix the leak.

If you do narrow it down to a roof leak, you will need to contact a roofer to fix the leak, and SERVPRO of Big Bear/ Lake Arrowhead/ NE Rancho cucamonga can handle the water damage. 

Total Ice House

This will probably not ever happen in Southern California but we can always be subjected to some ice on our homes here in the mountain communities.  Ice on the outside of the house is not too bad, but if it should cause damage from melting and refreezing then there is often trouble.

SERVPRO of Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead/NE Rancho Cucamonga is ready to be at your home within 4 hours of your call to us.  (909)878-0302


Storms often cause mud flows that can affect your home.  Your home might be in the path of this flowing disaster. SERVPRO will be on site within 4 hours to assess the damage to your home and begin the clean up for you.  You can depend on us. We will work with your insurance company on your behalf.

Wind Storm Damage

Wind can be so powerful and scary!  

SERVPRO has dealt with many roofs that have been damaged by wind.  We know the best way to tarp the roof with weights and boards to assure that no more damage will occur in your home until the roof can be repaired. Call Us.