Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Growing Under Carpet and Pad

This photos depicts mold found growing under a carpet and pad.

A real estate agent was asked to list this home but when visiting it for the first time found the overwhelming smell of mold.

He called SERVPRO and asked that we check it out. This is what we found. The real estate agent then explained to the home owner that the house would sell much more quickly if new carpet and pad were installed after the moldy area was cleaned up.

We were hired to do the job and had the clean up done 2 days later. 

The house sold quickly and we have been assured that we will be called again if that 'smell' was discovered in any other homes the real estate agent was selling or buying.

Mold Grows Quickly

Can you believe this!

Mold grows so quickly, especially when the home is a vacation cabin and only visited a couple times a year. 

Make sure you have turned off your water and opened up the interior doors for better ventilation.

Mold Grows When Water Sits

Is this case the water remediation was not requested for way too long and when the floor boards were lifted we discovered a serious mold situation. When this occurs the job demolition has to stop until a containment system is set up and the crew put on Personal Protection Equipment.

Is There Mold in Your Attic?

Does your attic smell musty?

Do you see signs of mold in the places where pieces of wood meet?

Are you wanting to work in the area?

Are you wanting to change this area into a room?

* Roof issues/leaks

* Improper ventilation

* Improper venting from pipes and/or vents.

Are all possible reasons there might be bacterial growth in your attic. If you want to spend time there and are not sure if it is free of bacterial contaminates please call a reputable mold testing company and have it tested. Then call us if your tests are positive and we will rid your attic of the problem.

A Chart of Where Mold Might be Found

Here is a quick little chart that shows places where you might have mold in your home.

Most often we find it under kitchen and bathroom sinks, behind and under refrigerators, and in damp storage areas under houses.

The best tell tale sign is "that musty smell."

Call us. We will come out and do a visual inspection of your home and let you know what we see. If you like we can put you in touch with a professional mold testing company who will check air samples and specific locations in your home.

We will be very glad to come and remove any mold that might have been found.

Mold Hiding Behind Cabinets

This poor kitchen had mold everywhere that came from a long term roof leak. By the time we finished the remediation of the situation there were no cabinets, no drywall on the walls or ceiling, and there was only sub-floor underfoot.  

The owners will have to cover a large portion of the remediation because mold is usually limited in the insurance plan.  

Be sure you purchase insurance with at least some mold coverage.

And be sure to "sniff" around your home and do some investigating if you smell anything musty.