Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Smoke Damage Removal

Yes, SERVPRO of Big Bear/ Lake Arrowhead/ NE Rancho Cucamonga can clean up the smoke damage in your home.

It does not take much fire to create smoke damage. Sometimes it is just from candles!

We recommend that you not try to do the cleanup unless you have products created to do the job. 

Differnent sources of smoke mean different products to clean them up.

So Sad When Your Home Burns

This manufactured home sustained significant fire damage when a fire started in their carport from chemicals being stored improperly.

SERVPRO of Big Bear/ Lake Arrowhead/ NE Rancho Cucmonga encourages you to store highly volatile chemicals per the label to prevent this kind of heartache.

Safer Space Heaters

Because these types of heaters are portable, many times people put them too close to combustible surfaces such as curtains, beds, clothing, chairs, couches and rugs. Coil space heaters are especially dangerous in this regard because the coils become so hot they will almost instantaneously ignite any nearby flammable surface.

If you do use space heaters, use the radiator-type that diffuse heat over the entire surface of the appliance. These are less likely to ignite flammable items, but should still be kept away from them.

If you do end up with a fire in your home do not try cleaning up the soot or smoke yourself.  It takes special solvents to get them off any surface.  Call us, we can handle this for you.

Your Dryer Can Catch Fire!

There are lots of things in your house that can cause a fire but it is pretty simple to make sure your  dryer is not one of them.

Lint is highly flamable. It needs to be removed from the dryer each time you use it.

You also need to be sure to clean out the vent tube that takes the hot air out  of the house.  This can collect lint that might not get caught with the lint filter. 

Such simple little chores can save you the major heart ache of a house fire.

Chimney Fire That Caused a Mess.

Here is a picture of the outside of the house where there was a chimney fire.

Chimneys MUST be inspected regularly for wear, creosote buildup, and cracks.

Your nice cozy fire can turn into a disaster if you do not maintain a safe chimney.

Have a qualified chimney sweep company inspect your fireplace, stove, insert, and chimney annually.  Try to time your appointment so that you did not need to use the fireplace for at least 2 full days.

We are always available to clean up smoke residue in your home and to remove fire and smoke damage, too.

Soot damage over fireplace.

A Forgotten Candle = A Ruined Cabin

This was the result of a forgotten candle left burning when the owners left their vacation cabin and headed home. The fire damage event was a huge loss for the owners. Luckily, our team was able to help with all the cleanup!