Commercial Photo Gallery

Offices Often Have Kitchens, Sometimes Those Pipes Burst

Here we have a small kitchenette in an office building. A pipe in the wall behind the counter burst causing a minor flood.  

SERVPRO of Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead/NE Rancho Cucamonga was able to come in and clean up the water, dry out the room, and get the staff kitchen back for the employees to use.

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Hidden Behind a Cabinet, This Mold Had a Long Life!

This photo is of a storage area in a commercial building where shelving hid a growing mold situation.  It is amazing for how much mold was found that the staff did not complain of the musty smell sooner.  SERVPRO of Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead/NE Rancho Cucamonga was able to quickly rid the storage room of the mold and get the business back to normal!  909-878-0302

How Sad for This Church.

One of the saddest fire claims that we worked on was in a church.  The loss was so deep for the staff and the members.  They were displaced for several months while the loss was remediated and the facility was rebuilt.  It was tough on our crew to see the burnt cross and Bibles.

Drying a Wall Without Removing Drywall

Here is how SERVPRO drys a wall when tile or other wall covering is better left in place.  Holes are drilled into the wall and hoses are placed in the holes and then attached to an Air Mover. The drywall is tested everyday to see how the drying is progressing.

Office Flood

It is a high priority for SERVPRO to respond as fast as possible to a loss in an office building.  There are often many people displaced when this happens: employees, owners, and customers.  Our goal is to dry up the water quickly and efficiently to get things back to normal.

Over night flooding but open in the morning!

This children's clothing store had a water loss caused by a leaking drinking fountain that ran for hours.  They called us at about 10 PM.

Even though it was late at night we assembled our staff and filled our vans with about 40 pieces of drying equipment...air movers and dehumidifiers.

We set them all up and quickly put them to work.

Thanks to our availability 24/7 the store was able to open their doors at 10 the next morning and only a couple of air movers were left to run.