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This is so GROSS!

9/20/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning This is so GROSS! Grossly Filthy Carpet

We do carpet cleaning.

We have done lots of it in 30 years.

We have seen so many degrees of dirty carpets but his one wins the "Best Dirty Carpet Award."

If your home is rented out full or even part time then you really should consider having the carpets cleaned at least twice a year.  The cost is not that great when you consider it against the cost of new carpet.  And you deserve clean carpets in your own home, too!

Our highly trained technicians will come out and give you an estimate and are generally available right away to do a cleaning if you desire.  We use very advanced cleaning equipment.

If you should need the carpets to be dry for use in a short time we can use several air movers to dry it out more quickly.

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