Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Mold Grew in a Storage Area that was Hidden From View for a Long Time.

This warehouse was invaded with mold this past winter. For a long time the mold was able to hide behind shelves of items without being scene. When it began outg... READ MORE

Water and Smoke Damage from a Fire

There was a fire in a strip mall affecting 3 businesses. Our team was able to respond quickly to set up temporary lighting and fencing outside in order to initi... READ MORE

Fire And Smoke Detectors Malfunction

When any kind of equipment fails it can cause problems. The dust on the carpeting of this corridor in a hotel was the result of a false fire alarm. The fire sup... READ MORE

Hot Water Heater Leak Damage

Commercial Hot Water Leak A business called us in a panic recently because a hot water pipe had burst inside of their kitchenette wall. Hot water can be much m... READ MORE

Beautiful Inn had a ceiling pipe break!

This was a really sad situation. A beautiful historic inn in our area had a pipe burst in the ceiling above the second floor and when the loss was discovered t... READ MORE

Water Fountain Ran All Night...

But SERVPRO Big Bear had the store drying out and open to business the next morning. It is hard to see a big difference in these photos but there was a signific... READ MORE